BookFunnel Bundles: All Grown Up and Ready For You

Announcing the Bundler, BookFunnel’s scrappy little weekend project that blossomed into a first-class feature.

BookFunnel Bundles, affectionately referred to as “The Bundler” among friends, became quite the fan favorite while in beta! We’ve gotten some great feedback over the last couple months, and we’re pleased to announce several new features to put the cherry on the bundle sunday.

But, for those of you asking, “What is the Bundler? How can I use it? Is it a 1960’s Batman Villain?”

Well, we’ll tell you. The Bundler can take a list of BookFunnel links and slap together a beautiful landing page in seconds. Each author manages their own book and their own link, and the bundle takes care of all the rest. When a reader hits a bundle, they can easily browse through the available books and download the ones they want (with or without giving up their email, author’s choice).

You can upload your own header image to feature at the top of your bundle and even add a bit of text or a call-to-action for readers. Simple, right?

But, we wouldn’t be BookFunnel if all we put out there was little tool for showing book covers on a web page for you. Sure, the Bundler is simple. Deceptively simple. You and a group of your author friends can build a bundle page in only five clicks, but why would we stop at something you could technically build on your own website?

We’ve packed some powerful promotional features into a few, humble little checkboxes, and each one will make you fall in love with us just a teensy bit more (“Impossible!” you say? Read on…).

Example of a BookFunnel Bundle with the dark theme and social media sharing icons

What All Can the Bundler Do?

So glad you asked! Here are just a few of the powerful things you can do with BookFunnel Bundles:

  • Set a start and end date, BookFunnel will take care of the rest
  • Show readers a coming soon message and a peek at the books to come
  • Show them a different message when it’s all over
  • Enhanced browsing navigation for readers
  • Limit copies in the bundle and let the books fall off as they run out
  • Add a countdown timer to create scarcity and prod the procrastinators
  • Add social media sharing icons to spread the word
  • Randomize the book cover order so that everyone gets a fair shake
  • Feature your own books or those of a headliner so that they are always on top
  • Statistics tell you how your bundle is doing and which books are getting the attention
  • Send out tracking links to everyone participating and see who is driving the traffic
  • Set each book to its own date and create a bundle that features one book a day
  • Create a bundle where three new books are added each day the promo goes on
  • Create a bundle where all the books are visible but only one is available each day
  • Send messages to all of the authors in your bundle, right from your dashboard
  • Export a CSV of bundle statistics to hoard for yourself or share with all of the participating authors
  • And so much more!

You get all of that when you use a BookFunnel Bundle page. All of those features, and it takes about two minutes to build. Don’t believe it? Watch us build a BookFunnel Bundle (while gabbing!) in two minutes:

We know, we know! It’s amazing.

That was just the first part of a short video series walking you through all of the new (and old) features of our Bundler. Binge watch them in order (can you make it through all twelve minutes without getting distracted?), or watch only the clips that interest you most:

Part Two: Adding A Start Date, End Date, and Countdown Timer (2 minutes)

Part Three: Customizing the Bundle Page and Adding Social Media Sharing (2 minutes)

Part Four: Bundle Statistics and Tracking Reader Traffic (2 minutes)

Part Five: Advanced Features and Power Bundles (4 minutes)

Click Bundles on your dashboard to play around with this delightful tool of ours and let us know what you think!

Ready to build a Bundle, but short on authors in your genre to promote with?

Don’t grub around KBoards or resurrect an ancient Facebook post! Find active promotions in your genre by clicking Promotions right on your dashboard. Don’t see a promotion that is a perfect fit? Set an alarm right on your dashboard and we’ll let you know when a new promo is posted in your genre. Or, better yet, start your own promo now!

Extra credit: We all took turns building a bundle as quickly as humanly possible. Jamie won by two seconds, building a bundle with 12 books in only 11 seconds. Who can beat Jamie’s time?

September 5, 2017

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