You wanted more, and BookFunnel delivers

Here at BookFunnel, we like to follow what we call The Baldwin Principal (TM): Always. Be. Closing.

That’s why we listen to feedback from our authors and crank out cool new features faster than you can say “Coffee is for closers.” In case you missed our announcement a few weeks ago, you can now sell your books direct and let BookFunnel handle the delivery. Indie authors can now, for the first time ever, sell books directly to readers without having to worry about the headache of tech support.

We started with three sales platforms (Payhip, Selz, and PayPal) and then asked you guys for feedback on what we should do next. Well, there was a lot of feedback (and questions), and we’re here to deliver again.


We got a lot of questions about taxes. Each platform we integrate with has its own way of dealing with taxes, and you’ll have to decide which is best for your business. But, if you really don’t want to mess with it, Payhip is your answer. You don’t have to worry about U.S. sales tax or EU VAT. Sell your books through Payhip, let BookFunnel deliver, and you sit back and collect the money. Learn more about delivering your Payhip sales through BookFunnel here.

New Delivery Actions for WooCommerce and Shopify

The two most-requested platforms over the last couple weeks were WooCommerce and Shopify, and with good reason. They’re two of the biggest sales platforms in the entire world. And now you’ve got ’em. Available today, on all plans, you can sell your books (or anything else!) through WooCommerce or Shopify and let BookFunnel handle the ebook delivery.

Learn all about sales and delivery actions here!

And we’re not just talking about adding yet another place to buy the same book. Authors are using new BookFunnel Delivery Actions for all kinds of promotions:

  • Sell the book directly to your list a few weeks before going exclusive with Kindle Unlimited
  • Offer the first few books in a series box set at a discount without changing prices on all the stores
  • Sell signed hardcover books and let BookFunnel deliver the ebook as an add-on
  • Give readers a free ebook anytime they buy any swag from your store!

As is always the case, you guys come up with way cooler ideas than we could ever dream of. And now, with WooCommerce and Shopify, we’re excited to see what you’ll surprise us with next.

We know you have questions about all of these new features. We have your answers. We’re launching a new blog series on Monday, and it’s packed with creative promotion ideas to help you connect with your readers.  Follow the blog so you don’t miss a post!