Ebooks in your Pocket: Announcing BookFunnel Print Codes

Do you like meeting your fans in person? If you’re an author the answer is probably no, given the author’s proclivity to reclusiveness. They can be a skittish bunch, those author-y types. But, you know what? Get out there! Meet your fans face-to-face. Not only do they love it, but it can be rewarding for you. We love going to conferences and meeting authors who use BookFunnel. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Meet your fans and warm their hearts with exclusive stories, previews, or other free content. If giving away free books isn’t what gives you the warm-and-fuzzies, then sell them instead! Then you can warm yourself at home in your cozy, comfortable bed, on top of a large pile of cold, hard CASH! Hopefully. We’re getting off topic here.

Today, we’re announcing BookFunnel Print Codes. Now you can carry your ebooks in your pocket and take them anywhere you go.

What is a Print Code?

It’s a tiny, little code you can give to a reader to download a copy of your book. Print them on postcards, bookmarks, business cards, write them on the back of their hand in black marker, whatever you want. Each code is good for one download, and once it is redeemed, it can’t be used again. Give a reader a print code and direct them to GetMyBook.com where they can download the book, and BookFunnel will handle the rest. Super easy.

What can I use this for?

Print up codes to take along and keep a few on you in case you want to pass out a free copy or two. Print up codes to sell your books (yes, author, you can actually exchange your books for currency!). Sell your paperbacks and tuck the ebook inside for free. Offer a “Pick Three” discount deal and hand the buyer print codes for the ebooks of their choice. We’ve had BookFunnel authors ask us for a feature like this for all kinds of ideas. If you want to give readers a unique (non-shareable) ebook download, you want a BookFunnel Print Code.

Headed out to RWA next week? Print up a postcard with your big, beautiful book cover, slap a print code on it, and hand those babies out to readers. Find yourself some new fans. The fans that attend conferences are exactly the kind of fans you want. We have a few beta testers taking BookFunnel Print Codes to RWA this year, and we plan to report back on their experience when it wraps up.

What are the advantages of print codes?

  • Each code is only good for one reader to download. There are no public links available to be passed around the interwebs.
  • Once a code is redeemed, the reader has 14 days to download the book, then it’s gone.
  • Downloaded ebooks are watermarked.
  • Readers can optionally join your mailing list when they redeem their code. Why not gain a few extra fans subscribers, eh?
  • You know who is downloading your book. Even if they don’t join your mailing list, you can send them a thank you follow up email. Maybe a discount on the next in series? Hmmmmm?

How do I set this up?

If you’re already on a Mid-List Plan or higher, click Print Codes on your BookFunnel dashboard. Create a print batch, set up the details (or just leave all the defaults), and you’re ready to print! We’ve even made some helpful videos showing exactly how to print your codes and get this done fast.

Looking for more details?

See examples of printed cards and learn all about print codes in our knowledge base.

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