Announcing Page Variables and Custom Mailing List Fields

This week, BookFunnel is all about power tools!

Here in the BookFunnel Labs we’re working hard to put more control into the hands of our authors: grabbing headings, book descriptions, custom themes and colors, expiration dates, download limits, all kinds of good stuff. BookFunnel authors can do a lot with their pages and we’re adding two more powerful features to that list: page variables and custom subscriber fields with Integration!

Customize Your Pages with Variables

With variables, the text on your page can change based on conditions and sound even more personal and more enticing. It’s hard to describe exactly what we mean, so we’ll just show you some examples:

  • Hi, Ashlyn! I hope you love the book!
  • Grab your copy today! Only 3 more copies left!
  • This book is only free for the next 38 minutes!
  • Only 1 more day, and this offer is gone!

How did we do that? Like this:

  • Hi, {{first_name}}! I hope you love the book!
  • Grab your copy today! Only {{copies_more_remaining}} left!
  • This book is only free for the next {{time_remaining}}!
  • Only {{time_more_remaining}}, and this offer is gone!

Readers respond to a grabbing Call to Action. Limiting an offer and letting the reader see the limit right up front is a strong way to entice them to grab that copy. You already have their attention, but you have to make them want to click. Variables give you more ways to do that.

Why not create a flash giveaway with only 20 copies of your book? Maybe use a book that you don’t normally put up for free. Just be sure to tell readers that the book is never free, and tell them exactly how many copies are left before it’s gone forever. With so many free books floating around, you want to stand out to readers. Nothing is more grabbing than, “Only 5 copies left!” big and bold right at the top of the page.

Learn more about using variables on your BookFunnel pages.

Custom Subscriber Fields for Integration

Also on the menu today, a true power-user feature for those of you who’ve integrated BookFunnel with your mailing list provider. You can now create custom fields on a giveaway that will be set on every new subscriber. Any fields you want, as many as you want. For all you fellow data geeks out there who really love to track your readers, this one’s for you.

Target every Giveaway page on BookFunnel to a different list and segment them any way you like with your new custom fields. Store information about your readers, like exactly which book they got when they joined your list or which marketing effort they came from. Oh, and of course, you can also use all of those cool new variables in your fields to pass along whatever else you could want.

Learn more about custom subscriber fields for Integration.

Stay tuned for more goodies from the BookFunnel Labs.

August 15, 2017